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Pleurotus eryngii has the function of beautify,good to stomach and kidney,lower blood liqids,blood p...
Agaricus bisporusis the worldwide cultivated and consumed mushroom. It can be sold in fresh, canned,...

Jiangsu Minyuan Mushroom Science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd. was co-founded by president Huang Guoping, general manager Wang Lianghe and factory director Huang Tanfeng. The company has 180 million of total investment. The first-stage project covers an area of 120mu and was put into operation in December 2010 with 100 million yuan of investment. The second-stage is under construction which includes the production base of 40 mu volvaria volvacea, 40 mu agaricus bisporus and 30 mu flammulina velutipes, and is expected to put into operation by the end of this year. 70 million yuan has been invested and the total productivity is over 60 tons per day. We have been rated as "Yancheng Leading Enterprise" in May 2011. The company is in 1km east of the Yancheng exit of coastal highway, north of 311 provincial road, and close to Yancheng Airport, train station and bus station. At present, we have over 500 employees, including 18 senior technicians, more than 30 technology backbone. Our products are sold in more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions and enjoy high reputation nationwide.

As a comprehensive enterprise dedicating to research, development, processing, strains supply, technical training and product recovery, we have fostered a operation mode of company, base and farmers, fully implement the localization of edible mushroom which becomes the leading industry of the business enrichment of farmers. The corporate purpose: "coordinated services of technical guidance, strains supply and product insured recovery".
"One leading product will leads to the bloom of others", we are striving to become the largest edible mushroom production base with the highest industrialization degree and the strongest constellation effect with two years of development. We stick to take edible mushroom industry development on ourselves, adhere to the corporate spirit of developing, leading and forging ahead, strengthen the cooperation with well-know international edible mushroom enterprises, promote the new technology, process and equipment to make the base develop to high class, specialized, standardize, high added value and serialization, grow rapidly, sustainably and healthy and become a competitive enterprise with core competitiveness.